Muaythai Open Championship 2019

Muaythai Open Championship 2019

Athletes showcased their best skills and fighting styles to compete for the title at The UAE Muay Thai Open Championship 2019

Three days of explosive action took place at the Du Forum at Yas Island on September 5,6,7 where fans experienced nothing short of a sensational battle full of sensational Muay Thai action!

Opening Of The Championship
Start time: 3 PM
Number of bouts:23
Ages: (14-15) (16-17)
End Time: 9 PM

Friday, 6 September
Start time: 11 AM
Number of bouts: 10 Amateurs
End Time: 3 PM

Saturday, 7 September
Fight start time:11 AM
Number of bouts: 11
Finals Ages: (14-15)  (16-17)
End Time: 3 PM

United Arab Muaythai or “UAM” is a corporation owned by the United Arab Muay Thai and Kick Boxing Federation.

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