Official Muaythai Night Expo 2020 Dubai card revealed.

A stacked card is set to excite all fans around the world this February 26 featuring:

4 WMC World Title Belts
1 WMC Intercontinental Title Belt
4 Super fight tournaments with 2 qualifying spots for the upcoming World Game in Birmingham, USA 2022
A 3 round fight
and One road to the Muaythai Royal World Cup 2022 in December

This event will showcase  a striking lineup of athletes ready to showcase their skills.

Fans in attendance and those tuning in from around the world can expect an intense night of elite muaythai action in the city of Expo Dubai

Don't miss this epic night at the the Expo Sports Arena.

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“UAM” is a corporation owned by the United Arab Muay Thai and Kick Boxing Federation.

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